Content Marketing: A Recap

Once you have gone through your content marketing process, go back and start all over again. It’s important to constantly refine your objectives, strategy and content.

How Effective Is Your Content?

At PlusNarrative we like to believe we are storytellers and that we use content to tell the story. However, when we analyse the content we produce, that data becomes a framework to make our story even greater. Content analysis is all about fine-tuning your content – making sure it’s the most compelling it can be.

The Importance of Reporting

Reporting back at the end of the month is both a visual and an analytical process. It can come in many forms: facts and figures or visual graphs.

A proposal for better engagement

What puts the “social” into Social Media? Uh, perhaps the fact that it was created in the first place to provide people with an interactive platform – a place for them to engage with one another. Although it has moved more towards being a tool for marketing, the same principle should apply.

Flex your community management muscles

How often do you engage with other brands? Do you like their pages or comment on their posts? Are you retweeting your benchmarks and replying to every comment your customers make?

Are you content with your content?

Scheduling and planning your content in advance is an important aspect of a marketing strategy. It gives you a headstart to meet your objectives while leaving room for changes or improvements.

Get your content-creation groove back

Being in charge of generating content for websites, social media or blogs is tough. There’s this constant pressure on you to be the most brilliant-minded, creative, inspired and relevant content-creator in the business. And yet you find yourself sitting in front of your computer, unable to even conjure up a somewhat engaging title.

Craft a results-driven strategy

A strategy allows you to grasp an overall picture of what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, how you can achieve it and how you can measure its success.