helpful tools for copywriters

Helpful Digital Tools for Copywriters

Sometimes, a pen and paper are not enough for these trying modern times and so, over the years, I have picked up a few helpful digital tools along the way. While this is directed at copywriters, I think a few … Continued

Are you content with your content?

Scheduling and planning your content in advance is an important aspect of a marketing strategy. It gives you a headstart to meet your objectives while leaving room for changes or improvements.

5 Best copywriting blogs to follow

5 Best Copywriting Blogs to Follow

We believe copywriting for content marketing is a practice. It’s not something that you are “just good at” or “born with” and we are sure you will agree. As a dedicated copywriter, you should be researching, reading and rummaging through sites (and books of course) for inspiration and triggers for your own imagination (that’s probably why you’re here). Our team of copy enthusiasts and content creators rely on content from around the globe to challenge their own thought processes.

Here are 5 blogs about writing, by writers who blog – soak it all in!