So You Want to Learn How to Code

So You Want to Learn How to Code

Learning to program, as with learning anything else, takes time and dedication. The first obstacle with learning to program is choosing a programming language to learn. A Google search of “best programming language to learn”  returns a wide variety of … Continued

Give your users what they want

Keep watching your users behaviour and refine to give them the best user experience, because ultimately products that give users what they want make money.

All About Those Metrics

Your usability testing would have resulted in a variety of data that will help you to refine and improve your site, app or platform. Be intentional about looking for trends or recurring issues that users found.

Put Your Development To The Test

User testing is a key method to help identify potential problems with your site while also ensuring that your site is compatible with the behavioral characteristics of your target market.

Self-hosting vs. shared hosting

Before you begin to think about releasing your work of art to the world, you need a host. Come up with an out-of-this-world domain name (which should be the name of your out-of-this-world brand) and find a computer that is constantly connected to the internet to dump your files onto.

Tips for coding like a ninja

If you’re reading this beyond the first line then I’m guessing you speak in the language of code and you probably know the in’s and out’s. This is not a blog post to teach you how to code, but rather a bit of input from one coder to another, because the truth is, we can never stop learning!

DEVELOPMENT: Inspiration for content creation

In order for your website to become an effective marketing tool and easy-to-use resource, you need to have good content that is going to be attractive and helpful to your users. Whether it be reposting existing content or creating new content, you need to ensure that whatever is on your site is engaging.

Development: Let’s get visual!

This is where you start to strategically implement visual elements like colours, images, fonts etc. Personally this is my favourite step in the development process as you get a glimpse of what the final product will be.

Walk the wire: inspiration for wireframing

When it comes to the process of wireframing, every designer has their has own style and approach and you need to find the one that fits you like a glove. So we have done you a huge favour and put together a list of some of our favourite wireframing tools and inspirations.

Putting The Architecture Into Development

In development our purpose is to establish the best solution for meeting the business and user requirements and the outcome we are looking for is a representation of the final product that can be tested. Information architecture helps us to reach this outcome.