Making Great GIFS without Photoshop

Making Great GIFS Without Photoshop

The simple .gif image has come a long way over the years of internet development. In particular , it has grown into something more interesting on social media. Facebook introduced the linked gif feature in 2015 and already you can … Continued

designing social media

Designing Social Media Content

Designing social media content is an ever evolving rubix cube. You have to stay on top of the changes in trends, sizes, the daunting 20% rule (which is now a vague “if you put too much text on this image … Continued

Visual Communications Designer

Join Our Team: Visual Communications Designer

The Visual Communications Designer position is responsible for the creation and maintenance of marketing assets and content created to support our customers products and services as well as other marketing goals. From concept through to execution, this candidate will improve all UX Design by bringing our brand and our customer’s brands to life and keeping these consistent across all various touchpoints.

Join our team: Web developer

13 Steps To User-Centered Development

Here at PlusNarrative we take development very seriously. We recently chatted to our digital samurai, Lliam, and asked him to provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet for the development process. Luckily for you, he was more than willing to share his samurai skills!