Flex your community management muscles

How often do you engage with other brands? Do you like their pages or comment on their posts? Are you retweeting your benchmarks and replying to every comment your customers make?

Are you content with your content?

Scheduling and planning your content in advance is an important aspect of a marketing strategy. It gives you a headstart to meet your objectives while leaving room for changes or improvements.

Craft a results-driven strategy

A strategy allows you to grasp an overall picture of what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, how you can achieve it and how you can measure its success.

Create Epic Customer Personas

Customer persona’s are super helpful when it comes to producing relevant content- you know exactly who you want to talk to before you start talking.

Develop for humans, not robots

Develop For Humans Not Robots

In order to offer your users useful development, you need to first get to know them. This will lead to a more user-centred outcome and ultimately a better UX (User Experience) for the various types of users that exist.

Develop With the End in Mind

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in web development and the research phase is critical for answering important questions around your project.

Join our team: Web developer

13 Steps To User-Centered Development

Here at PlusNarrative we take development very seriously. We recently chatted to our digital samurai, Lliam, and asked him to provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet for the development process. Luckily for you, he was more than willing to share his samurai skills!

Community Manager

10 Ways to Be a Better Community Manager

The general population thinks that community management is just about posting a couple of statuses and tweets but it’s so much more than that. In order to be the best of the best you need to research. Find out what your competitors are up to, find out what your customers want from you and then deliver an effective campaign that will blow everyone’s minds. Never stop researching.

Why We Love the Content Marketing Process (And You Should Too)

What is so great about the content marketing world is that, although it is so unique and ever-changing, at the end of the day it’s about telling the greatest story and the process your company goes through in order to achieve that. You get to be strategic, emotive, creative and productive as you construct a story that depicts the power of your brand perfectly.