Putting The Architecture Into Development

In development our purpose is to establish the best solution for meeting the business and user requirements and the outcome we are looking for is a representation of the final product that can be tested. Information architecture helps us to reach this outcome.

Develop for humans, not robots

Develop For Humans Not Robots

In order to offer your users useful development, you need to first get to know them. This will lead to a more user-centred outcome and ultimately a better UX (User Experience) for the various types of users that exist.

Develop With the End in Mind

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in web development and the research phase is critical for answering important questions around your project.

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13 Steps To User-Centered Development

Here at PlusNarrative we take development very seriously. We recently chatted to our digital samurai, Lliam, and asked him to provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet for the development process. Luckily for you, he was more than willing to share his samurai skills!