A day in the life of a community manager

A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

Absorber of information, middle man of client-customer communication, cyber friend, expert product knowledge and social platform wiz!

Community Managers are all these and more! Brought onboard to care for a brand’s consumers, fans, clients, and die hard social media socialites. So naturally we have the best job in the world right, sitting on social all day, you can’t think of anything better…right!

So let’s dive right into a, more-or-less, typical day of a Community Manager. We will break it down into segments;

First Light: As a community manager you have already woken up to your personal social platforms and checked that latest in news and trends, just to kick start you mind into action before even setting foot out of bed.

This then materialises into the first morning cuppa, whatever your poison, we all need our fix. Scrum starts and your goals are set for the day, while also catching a quick snippet of everyone’s highs from the weekend/evening or day before.

Laptops open and the tabs start; Email, Calendar, Toggl, Trello. Open separate brand windows; Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram. Then the headphones go on and you lock down!

Mid-morning: By the time that second fix is needed you have read your mails, prioritised your tasks and worked through your brand’s social platforms (sometimes your second fix comes sooner as you are called to a brainstorm meeting).

Let’s break down some of these prioritised tasks for you;

  • Scan all social platforms for any immediate issues that need to be seen to.
  • Facebook; Wall messages, inbox and then general comments.
  • Twitter; Check that inbox and hunt those hashtags.
  • Instagram; Go on, double tap! Check out some hashtags and engage.
  • Email and Trello for any content changes, updates or ad hoc requests from client to be seen to.
  • Are all posts scheduled and boosts sent for approval.

All while making sure you are tracking your time

Lunch Break: Forcibly pulling your eyes away from your laptop and physically removing yourself from your desk…cell phone still in hand of course, ause social is now your life!

You spend the time catching up on your personal platforms and checking out the latest on the blogs you follow and updates on apps you have to ensure you are always on top of your game. Personally, and ,professionally.

The Last Stretch: Swing on back to your desk, headphones on and desired track engaged. Then the list starts again, either you pick up where you left off – depending on how the day panned out, or you get right back to the start and routinely go through your list ensuring every page and brand gets a good scouring.

Afternoons can also have the addition of the following tasks:

  • A blog needing writing or proofing.
  • Unfollows and new follows.
  • Auditing pages, ensuring brand details are all up to date.
  • Content calendars for the following month are complete.
  • New ideas are noted for the new month’s content briefing sessions.

And just before you pack it up for the day, take a moment to organise your mess – the notes you have made throughout the day, check your calendar again to make note of any new meetings and block your time. There is nothing better than starting a new day with some good ol’ fashioned organisation!

And that is a good day! 😉

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