So You Want to Learn How to Code

So You Want to Learn How to Code

Learning to program, as with learning anything else, takes time and dedication. The first obstacle with learning to program is choosing a programming language to learn. A Google search of “best programming language to learn”  returns a wide variety of results, most of which are lists of the “Best Programming Language to Learn in 2016”. With so many languages to choose from, the question would then become, “What type of development do you want to do?”

There are several different kinds of software development you can do for various platforms, from the web to your desktop to your smartphone to a command line. Each platform has their specific core languages and there are a few languages that overlap and are used in multiple platforms. Once you’ve decided on your platform and language, the difficult part begins, “How do I learn said language?”

You could always find a book on the language and read through the book and practice the principles that the book teaches. If you are anything like me, that would be utterly boring and you would forget anything you learnt by the next day. That said, online tutorial sites are more interactive than reading a book. Codecademy is a great site that is easy to learn from, provided you dedicate time to go through the lessons and complete the course. My problem is dedicating continuous time to a course/tutorial. Sticking to it so that I didn’t have to go back and restart was my main flaw with Codecademy.  My challenge was to find a way to learn how to program that was going to keep me entertained and intrigued so that I was continuously willing to learn without getting bored.

My solution to this was gaming. Everyone loves to play games so why not play games while learning at the same time? Codingame provides an interactive learning experience that allows a person with any level of programming knowledge to learn a language, have fun while coding and even compete against other coders. Some other sites are and CodeCombat. Playing games while learning to code seems like a lot of fun to me so if you want to learn how to code, why not give gaming a try?

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