By PlusNarrative • Jan 19

The Impact of Good Communication

Good communication makes a big impact on the success of any project. Our Senior Project Manger, Knox Kaniki explains how he makes a valuable impact in the way he communicates.
By • Dec 20

The Benefits of PHP Updates for Developers

Our team of developers are excited to take advantage of the latest updates to PHP 8.0.0! Waseem and Wesley explain why these updates are important - watch the video to find out!
By PlusNarrative • Aug 23

WordPress VIP Selects PlusNarrative as its African Agency Partner

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been added to the WordPress VIP Feature Agency Partner program, making PlusNarrative one of only 30 global partners.
By Jethro May • Aug 3

8 HTML Elements You Might Not Know About

HTML which stands for “Hypertext Markup Language,” is used to structure the content of a web page. It consists of a series of elements which enclose different parts of the page content to make them appear or act in a certain way.
By Jethro May • Jul 1

Migrating My Website To Hugo

Originally built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel, this setup didn’t fit my needs for a couple of reasons. First and foremost I have come to the realization that I much prefer working with static HTML, CSS and a sprinkling of JavaScript ...
By Byron Dunwoody • Jun 15

A Dive into Game Dev

By far my most time-consuming hobby is creating my own 3D games. As you can imagine, my general excitement over how it has slowly infiltrated the set of expected deliverables at PlusNarrative is off the charts.
By Michael Pillay • Mar 29

The UX of Easter Eggs

As we head toward the monumental occasion of Easter — a day celebrated globally with chicks, bunnies, milk and cocoa — the PlusNarrative team tasked me with dissecting the sacred rituals behind devouring our favourite Easter eggs (from a UX perspective of course).