Lightning Decision Jam

The perfect workshop to solve big problems, quickly.

  • Defining goals
  • What’s moving us forward?
  • What’s holding us back?
  • Prioritisation
  • Solution finding
  • Roadmapping
From $3,000

Lightning Decision Jam, or LDJ as it is commonly called, is the perfect workshop to solve big problems, quickly.


It helps you replace all open-ended, unstructured meetings with a clear process. Instead of never-ending discussions and constant back-and-forth, we will facilitate this series of easy exercises to encourage creativity and foster innovation.

It only takes about 60 minutes to run and always leaves you and your team feeling involved, energised, productive – and it gives you tangible, actionable results.

PS: The LDJ works particularly well at the start of a Design Sprint for experience design or product improvements when the team lacks enough data to make decisions.

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