Remote scoping workshop

One facilitated hour with our team to get a clearer picture of your customer, context and challenges

  • Facilitation
  • Define challenges
  • Generate ideas
  • Prioritising
From $2,500

Instead of spending one hour talking, we’re going to run a mini-workshop with you to scope out your ideal customer profile, business challenges and opportunities . Why a workshop? Because it’s a much more effective use of your time and—honestly—a lot more engaging!

By the end of the this mini-workshop, you’ll have a much better definition of the challenge than when we started, you’ll get a PDF of the outputs and ideas generated to keep & share with your team. (Much better than a plain old call, if you ask us.)

We’ll start by capturing an overview of the business along with your current challenges. Then, we’ll all articulate the unique value of your product/service in a structured way. Finally, we’ll quickly bubble up the best ideas to the top before we close by talking about next steps.

As a bonus you get a peak at how a Design Sprint works and get a feel for the process and how a remote workshop is run. 🏃