SPAR2U: An e-commerce app that puts its users first

Giving the people we serve the best possible service means keeping up with all the best possible ways to deliver.


We are working with the SPAR group and their partner agency, TBWA, to update their grocery delivery app for an improved user experience.


As e-commerce grows to make shopping more convenient, retailers have the opportunity to reach more customers than ever before. In order to win more market-share by competing head-on with the existing marketplace, we wanted to differentiate the SPAR2U mobile app as a human-centered experience.  


spar2u challenge


We conducted a full friction audit of the BETA app release and two successful design sprints, resulting in a final prototype that better met the expectations of SPAR’s grocery delivery customer base. We then developed the more functional, robust and effective mobile application using React Native, which integrated with a headless back-end ecommerce ‘engine’ via API calls.

spar2u solution





We created the new SPAR2U in 8 months and launched in 100 stores with a 4.5 star rating on the iOS store in the first month. A phased roll out has given us time to iterate and find more opportunities for improvement before launching in other stores. 

Find the SPAR2U app on iOS or Android and give it a try!


spar2u results