MTN Brand Portal: A platform for global brand consistency

Design Strategy

How the right platform can empower creative teams across the world

When you’re trying to get a message around the world, the right tool needs to make sure that message arrives intact and clear enough for the audience to hear it.

For our client, the audience for this project was their team of thousands of people across Africa and the Middle East. As one of Africa’s most admired brands, the MTN Group team needed to ensure they were consistently represented across each country they operate in.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Design thinking
  • UX/UI research

The Challenge

With numerous agencies and MTNers creating assets for countless digital campaigns, the need for a central brand asset management portal was clear.

With all brand assets in one place, designers could be sure they were using the correct fonts and colours while strategists and writers could have peace of mind about the stories they crafted.

The Solution

We workshopped our way to a solution with our client and agreed that a partnership with Frontify would work best. The leading brand management platform provided the simplest and most effective way to house what amounted to 600 PDF pages of brand assets and information.

We adapted the brand guidelines created by MTN’s agencies – TBWA and Grid – into files best fit for Frontify’s user experience to create the MTN Brand Portal. We even integrated a custom WordPress theme we’d built for MTN developers to use in the countries they serve – more on Y’elloweb here.

  • Frontify
  • Brand identity
  • Digital assets

The Results

Aside from the functional benefits of the MTN Brand Portal, getting creative for the brand has become an easier, more inclusive experience.

Brand managers empower their teams with the exact resources they need to make impactful campaigns, while enjoying the certainty that the boundaries set out by those at MTN Group level have been clearly included.

With access to the digital assets provided by MTN Group and fellow operating countries, teams across the world can get creative with global campaigns and not be delayed by approval processes or limited by resources.

Images, fonts, icons, open files and accompanying guidelines are all within reach both for MTNers and the agencies who partner with them. The layout of the platform itself is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for anyone with even limited experience of brand asset management platforms to navigate.

When unexpected events (like a global pandemic) happen and clear guidelines about how best to communicate with the people we serve are required, people can turn to MTN Brand Portal for everything they need to send out messages which are consistent with the global MTN brand.

We find worth in the value we create for the people we work with. This is why, for PlusNarrative, the biggest benefit of MTN Brand Portal is that it allows creatives like us to craft stories for global brands with confidence. With all the tools to adapt to unique regional markets made easily accessible, creative agencies and MTN partners can focus on fulfilling their challenges instead of worrying about the rules.

Our client’s experience with MTN Brand Portal:

“Having a central place for me to upload the tools and resources our Opcos need makes achieving consistency so much easier. Now, teams across our footprint can design great work to take to market that maintains the integrity of the MTN brand.” Ayanda Molefakgotla, Senior Manager: Digital Marketing, MTN Group