MTN Y’ello Web: Helping global brands create better digital experiences

Design Development Strategy

Ask anyone who manages the branding of a multinational company what their ongoing challenge is. The answer is likely to be consistency, especially when it comes to digital presence. MTN is Africa's premium telecommunications network provider. Their activities are managed by Operating Companies (Opcos) on a country-by-country basis. The primary branding challenge that MTN faces across all Opcos is digital consistency, both in terms of website appearance and function.


There was no single point of ‘truth’ from a digital perspective as to what ‘good’ MTN Group aligned branding looked like. Opco websites were misaligned with corporate identity guidelines and their functionality differed from their counterparts created by other Opcos. Simply put, the digital MTN experience a person had in one country differed vastly in another country.



One thing each Opco had in common was the need to put their customers first, fast.

Our strategic approach is derived from Google’s Design Thinking methodology and it results in quick, accurate decision making based on feedback from extensive user testing.

We involved key MTN stakeholders at every given opportunity in research, strategy, idea generation, prototyping and usability testing. This approach ensured co-creation throughout the design & development process which led to clearer website taxonomy, structure and overall site performance.

Y’ello Web became the answer to the need for brand consistency. PlusNarrative created a comprehensive UI/UX design system for MTN Group, which is more than just a design system.

It is a human-centric update and alignment of MTN’s digital experiences across their global real-estate.

Before development, PlusNarrative and MTN teams worked together through several design thinking workshops. These covered not only the existing issues with current Opco websites, but also uncovered what the primary needs of the people that MTN Group serves are.

Y’ello Web revolutionizes the MTN online experience with a mobile-first, customer-first system ready for adoption and adaptation by partner agencies and internal build teams.



Since the release of Y’ello Web, new and updated Opco websites are designed and developed at a rapid pace as the Y’ello Web look and feel is universally approved and digital structures are fully modular.

Users of Y’ello Web websites are served information in bite-sized pieces through uniform site-wide card and carousel systems easily deployable for any case, need or function.

Not only did we give MTN Opcos the tools to create digital experiences that prioritize the people they serve, we provided those tools in a way that puts the people building with them first.

Since the deployment of Y’ello Web, we’ve brought the benefits of design thinking to many more MTN Group projects.

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